New flexbox guides on MDN

New flexbox guides on MDN

In preparation for CSS Grid shipping in browsers in March 2017, I worked on a number of guidebooks and reference materials for the CSS Grid specification, which were published on MDN. With that material updated, we thought it would be nice to complete the documentation with similar guides for Flexbox, and so I updated the existing material to reflect the core use cases of Flexbox.

This works well; with the current state of the specs, Flexbox now sits alongside Grid and Box Alignment to form a new way of thinking about layout for the web. It is useful to reflect this in the documentation.

The new doc at a glance

Iave added eight new guides to MDN 😛 TAGEND Basic concepts of flexbox Relationship of flexbox to other layout techniques Aligning items in a flex receptacle Ordering flex items Controlling ratios of flex items along the main axis Mastering wrapping of flex items Typical utilize cases of flexbox Backwards compatibility of flexbox Relationship of Flexbox to other layout techniques Relationship of Grid Layout to other layout methods grid-gap grid-column-gap grid-row-gap gap column-gap row-gap

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