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Google Keynote on Artificial Intelligence and Other Digital Marketing Trends at 39 th Annual INTIX Conference … – Market Insider

Google Keynote on Artificial intelligence and Other Digital Marketing Trends at 39 th Annual INTIX Conference …~ ATAGEND Markets Insider INDIANAPOLIS, IN–( Marketwired – January 04, 2018) – How to induce smart marketing decisions by leveraging existing insights and data will be in the spotlight as hundreds of amusement and ticketing professionals from around the […]

The Rise Of The State Machines

The Rise Of The State Machines

Itas 2018 already, and countless front-end developers are still leading a battle against complexity and immobility. Month after month, they’ve searched for the holy grail: a bug-free application architecture that will help them deliver quickly and with high quality. I am one of those developers, and Iave found something interesting that might help. We have […]

Front-End Performance Checklist 2018 [PDF, Apple Pages]

Front-End Performance Checklist 2018[ PDF, Apple Pages]

Performance matters a we all know it. However, do we actually always know what our performance bottlenecks precisely are? Is it expensive JavaScript, slow web font delivery, heavy images, or sluggish furnish? Is it worth investigating tree-shaking, scope hoisting, code-splitting, and all the imagination loading patterns with intersection observer, clients hints, CSS containment, HTTP/ 2 […]

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